Intro to Scleroderma

The videos featured on this page were chosen to be a starting point to provide information about types of scleroderma, diagnosis, symptoms and management.
We've also included 2 videos that will help with self-management - Diet and Nutrition as well as maintaining flexibility and motion.

Videos in the Playlist:

  • "Scleroderma Symptoms & Management" Margrit Wiesendanger, MD, PhD

  • "Scleroderma: From Bench to Clinic" Carol-Feghali-Bostwick, PhD

  • "Scleroderma and Getting the Proper Nutrition" Joy Valvano, MS, RDE, CDE

  • "Improving Flexibility In Scleroderma" Celeste Freeman, OTR

  • The information presented on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Neither the featured speakers, nor the Scleroderma Foundation, nor Starlight Productions (the producers of these videos) suggest, recommend or endorse any specific treatment for any individual. Patients are advised consult their own health care providers for treatment options. .

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