Scleroderma Foundation - Tri-State


Patient Education Forum
Hospital For Special Surgery
October 25, 2020


Videos in the Playlist:

The videos presented here are the full program presented sequentially
at the HSS Patient Education forum.
They were pre-recorded without an actual audience in attendance.
  • "Participating in Research Studies"
    Robert Spiera, MD "
  • In this talk Dr. Spiera discusses the importance of clinical trials for the development of effective treatments and ultimately a cure. He stresses the value of patients participating in such trials, and describes what the patient's experience might be like.

  • "Responding to the Impact of Covid19:
    A Collaboration between HSS and the Scleroderma Foundation"
    Juliette Kleinman, LCSW, ACSW and Susan Rodriguez, LCSW
  • Social Workers Kleinman and Rodriguez created two virtual meetings at the request of the Scleroderma Foundation to help scleroderma patients cope with the effects and affects of Covid19. This talk discusses how the meetings came to be, and how they were received by patients. (To fully understand this talk it is highly recommended for viewers to first view their July 2020 Zoom meeting for patients - see link below)
    LINK: July 2020 Zoom Meeting

  • "Patient Support: Updates During COVID-19”
    Elizabeth Soto-Cardona, MPH
  • At the 2019 Forum, Ms. Soto-Cardona spoke on the value of Patient Support and Support Groups. This talk updates the prior talk and discusses the impact of Covid19 .

  • "Diagnostic Testing in Scleroderma"
    Jessica Gordon, MD
  • Dr. Gordon discusses the testing process for Scleroderma for diagnosis and beyond - initial testing may determine a classification of the disease, and which parts of the body it is likely to effect, further testing is for prognosis, and for specific manifestations such as GI or Lung Issues.

  • "Becoming a Rheumatologist:
    Understanding the
    Educational and Training Pathway of your Scleroderma Doctor"

    Kimberly Showalter, MD
  • Dr. Showalter recently joined the team at the Scleroderma Center at HSS. In her talk she discusses her medical education as well as the process of becoming a doctor, and then how she chose scleroderma to be her area of specialization.

  • "Functional Impact of TRL8 Biallelism in Patients with Scleroderma"
    Franck Barrat, PhD
  • Dr. Barrat's talk is a discussion on his current research on scleroderma and the X chromosome in conjunction with a Scleroderma Foundation grant.

    The information presented on this site is intended for educational purposes only. Neither the featured speakers, nor the Scleroderma Foundation, nor Starlight Productions (the producers of these videos) suggest, recommend or endorse any specific treatment for any individual. Patients are advised consult their own health care providers for treatment options. .

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