"Scleroderma: The Importance of Early Intervention & Close Monitoring”
Laura Hummers, MD
Patient Education Forum
Rutgers University (2014)

About Dr. Hummers:
Laura Hummers is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology. She graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and trained in internal medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. She then pursued her rheumatology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University and has since been on the faculty working at the Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center since 2003 where she has been Co-Director of the Center along with Fredrick Wigley. She received her ScM degree through the Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation from the Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2010. Dr. Hummers serves as Deputy Director for Clinical Operations for the Division of Rheumatology. Dr. Hummers actively participates in a number of clinical trials and clinical investigations at the Scleroderma Center and has a particular interest in predictors of vascular outcomes in scleroderma. She actively manages a large patient practice focused exclusively on scleroderma at Johns Hopkins and manages the Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Database. Presently, Dr. Hummers has established a prospective cohort of 300 patients with scleroderma being followed to identify incident vascular outcomes in the hopes of identifying new biomarkers for disease development and progression. These efforts have been supported by a K23 grant from NIH/NIAMS and as part of a SCCOR grant in pulmonary hypertension.

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