"Phototherapy and UVA-1 Phototherapy Research"
Heidi Jacobe, MD
Patient Education Forum -HSS
NYC (2014)

About Dr. Jacobe:
Dr. Jacobe earned her medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. Texas. She joined the UniverSity ofTexas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas,Texas in 2002 as a faculty member in the Department of Dermatology after completing her residency there and serving as chief resident. She graduated from the UT Southwestern Medical Center Clinical Research Scholars program in May 2008 with a Masters of Clinical Science with Distinction.

Since then, she has focused the majority of her clinical and research efforts to localized scleroderma or morphea. She established a national morphea registry and DNA repository which currently holds 500 patients (Morphea in Adults and Children Cohort [MAC)). Extensive analyses of these patients are underway including: descriptive studies of demographics, clinical, and quality of life data; immunogenetic studies; autoantibody profiling; and pilot microarray studies. Together, these studies will ultimately improve care for these patients by providing data driven therapeutic guidelines, outcome measures, and possibly biomarkers, as well as inSight into the molecular basis of morphea. The conduct of these studies along with the resources of MAC cohort have created a unique platform enabling her to leverage these resources for further studies examining the pathogenesis of morphea.

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