"Brain Function and Scleroderma"
Arnold Postlethwaite, MD
Patient Education Forum - HSS
NYC (2015)

About Dr. Postlethwaite:
Dr. Postlethwaite received his doctorate from Cornell University Medical College and performed his residency training in internal medicine at both Tulane and Duke Universities. He completed his fellowship in rheumatology at Duke. Dr. Postlethwaite then became a faculty member at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Memphis VA Medical Center. He currently holds the Goodman Chair of Excellence in Medicine with the rank of Professor and is also Director of the Division of Connective Tissue Diseases (Rheumatology) at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Dr. Postlethwaite has devoted his research career to studying how the immune system regulates inflammation and fi- brosis, translating basic research to patients with systemic sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. He has published widely in this research area. He is a frequent speaker at the Scleroderma Foundation’s National Patient Education Conference on a wide range of complications that can result from sclero- derma. He serves as a member of the Scleroderma Founda- tion’s Medical Advisory Board.

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