"Calcinosis in Scleroderma"
Mitchell Miller, PharmD candidate
Patient Education Forum
Albany (2016)

About Dr. Miller:
I am in my fourth year as a student at ACPHS. I have always had a love for science, which really began to flourish in my high school chemistry class. Since then, I have been fascinating with the biologic sciences, leading me to apply to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS). Here I discovered a newfound fascination with immunology; how our body defends itself against foreign invaders. Immunology quickly became my favorite class, and I decided I needed to pursue an opportunity that was presented to work with Dr. Shapiro in Scleroderma research.

I have also learned a lot about cell biology on a molecular level in my time at ACPHS, and have been able to apply this knowledge to my work with Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Jessica Farrell in researching calcinosis in scleroderma. This is a very under studied manifestation of this disease, and we currently lack any effective treatment. Our suspicion is that these calcium deposits are the result of chronic digital ischemia. My current research involves investigation of the potential molecular players in this process, particularly the protein hypoxia inducible factor, with the goal to establish a concrete link between calcinosis and tissue hypoxia.

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