"How Scleroderma Patients Managed Their Illness: A Study Report""
Shohreh Anand, EdD
Patient Education Forum
Albany (2018)

About Ms. Anand:
Shohreh is passionate about patient empowerment so that patients actively engage in their own care and harness their own and peer patients’ experiential knowledge. She believes that when patients are engaged, either individually or collectively in groups, it results in better clinical outcomes. She has validated this through her own personal experiences and the experiences of other patients and care givers.

Shohreh has a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her dissertation research was about Scleroderma patients’ commitment to illness management and explored the learning in patients with this chronic condition and the role of support groups in management of their illness using surveys and interviews of patients in NY, NJ, CT Tri-State area. Her interests are at the intersection of patient empowerment and technology. Shohreh has degrees in Computer Science and has contributed breakthrough research in medical imaging for Philips Medical Systems resulting in a patent in digital mammography. She is an educator who promotes technology literacy by teaching college computer science courses

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