"Building Human Skin to Study Scleroderma"
Jonathan Garlick, DDS, PHD
Patient Education Forum -HSS
NYC (2018)

About Dr. Garlick:
Jonathan Garlick is a Senior Fellow at Tisch College of Civic Life and Professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, School of Medicine, School of Engineering. He received his DDS and PhD in molecular biology from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and his Oral Pathology training from Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Dr. Garlickā€™s research lab uses 3D, skin-like tissues constructed from cells to study their behavior in a realistic, biologically-relevant tissue context. His NIH-funded research laboratory has pioneered the use of stem cells for tissue engineering to develop new treatments for oral health, cancer, and complications of diabetes.

As a science educator, Dr. Garlick teaches students to explore the impact of science in their lives as a bridge towards moral responsibility and social action. At Tisch College, he directs a science education and civic engagement initiative known as Civic Science, which strives to inform public learning about science issues in order to promote inclusive public dialogue about divisive science issues in ways that strengthen civic life.

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