"Current Medications Prescribed in Scleroderma"
Jessica Farrell, PharmD
Patient Education Forum
Albany (2019)

About Dr. Farrell:

Dr. Farrell is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) in Albany, NY. Subsequent to this, she completed an ASHP-Accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, NJ. Following her residency, she was employed by Englewood Hospital and Medical Center as an Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist.

She serves as program coordinator for the ACPHS PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residency program, Associate Medical Officer for the Steffens Scleroderma Center, member of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Government Affairs Committee and a pharmacist member of the national Scleroderma Foundation Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. She has received multiple professional awards including Preceptor of Distinction in Clinical Pharmacy, Steffens Scleroderma Foundation Ernest J. Dupont Award, Faculty Advisor of the Year and the Scleroderma Foundation 2019 Doctor of the Year

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