"What's New in Stem Cell Therapy in Scleroderma"
Robert Simms, MD
Patient Education Forum -HSS
NYC (2013)

About Dr. Simms:
Dr. Simms is a graduate of the University of Rochester School of Medicine. His residency was done at the Cornell Cooperative Hospitals, New York, and post-residency work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and at Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA. Dr. Simms academic interest is in clinical and translational studies of scleroderma and its spectrum of related disorders. He is currently Section Chief of Rheumatology and Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine where he has been a faculty member for twenty-five years. He is a senior investigator in Boston University’s Scleroderma Research Center. Dr. Simms is certified in internal medicine and rheumatology.

Dr. Simms major research interest is in scleroderma clinical outcome measures and clinical trials. He is the site primary investigator on multiple past and ongoing multi-center trials. He partners with colleagues Drs. Robert Lafyatis, Maria Trojanowska, and Harrison Farber in clinical and translational studies in all aspects of scleroderma and especially in the ongoing NIH funded CORT (Center of Research Translation) study, a $13 million project to develop gene signatures of treatment response. He is a past treasurer of the Scleroderma Clinical Trials Consortium and remains an active member. Dr. Simms has authored many published studies of research findings in scleroderma. He is deeply committed to better understanding the disease and its treatment,and ultimately finding a cure.

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