"Life After 20 Years of Scleroderma"
Vivek R. Mehta, MBBS
Patient Education Forum
Albany (2017)

About Dr. Mehta:
Dr. Vivek Mehta is a Rheumatology Fellow at the Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY. He went to medical school in Ahmedabad India at B.J. Medical College and did residency in Internal Medicine at the Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Darby, PA.

Dr. Mehta has a keen interest in research and has been involved at Mercy Catholic Medical Center and Albany Medical Center in a number of projects. His research has focused on such things as lung cancer, thrombophilia and hospice education. His current projects involve Thrombosis, Accelerated Activation of Vitamin D in Scleroderma and scleroderma renal crisis. Dr. Mehta is also working on a committee at Albany Medical to organize a vasculitis clinic. He has published a number of papers and given poster presentations and has won several awards in his young career.

Dr. Mehta’s hobbies include traveling, running and skating. He is fluent in English, Gujarati and Hindi. He enjoys giving group presentations and helping scleroderma patients maintain good health as they learn to adapt and incorporate this chronic disease into their daily lives.

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